frisco summer camps

Frisco Summer Camps

Frisco Summer Camps
What To Bring

Frisco Summer Camps What To Bring

Typically the first place we will go in the FAC after the sign-in process will be the Outdoor Aquatics Center (indoor pool if bad weather.) It is recommended to wear a swim suit under "active wear" clothing (shorts & t-shirt.)

Please put sunscreen on children before coming to camp.

Bring a towel.

A Back-pack/Bag to carry snack/lunch and dry clothing.

You are welcome to wear sandals but we will be running in the gym areas and tennis shoes are highly recommended as bare feet in the gym is not allowed and many children find it difficult to run in sandals.

The children are free to eat snacks and lunch while we are out at the pool area. We will have a designated area at some picnic tables near the bathrooms. Please bring a snack/lunch as every child seems to get hungry during the 4 hours. There is a concession stand out by the pool so feel free to send some money along if they would like to grab a slice of pizza or a drink.

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